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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

We are fundraising to recover from the impact of Hurricane Ian!

We thank everyone that was able to provide donations to the Hurricane Ian Relief Fund to help our SFCA Families in need during our #GivingTuesday Campaign. Words cannot convey our appreciation and gratitude for the outpouring of love.

We are continuing our efforts to raise funds to aid in the long road to recovery, post-Hurricane Ian for our SFCA families and much needed campus restoration. The SFCA Hurricane Ian Relief Fund Giving Campaign has been extended through the end of January 2023.

We covet your continued prayers, and we thank you for your support of the SFCA Hurricane Ian Relief Fund. You may click on the "Donate" button if you wish to give to this initiative that has touched many SFCA families. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:25 ESV

In Christ,

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The Kearns Family (left family photo)

"We just moved to Fort Myers this last summer from Phoenix, AZ after much prayer and seeking God’s direction. It was a miraculous experience dotted with blessing after blessing, one of which has been SFCA. We enrolled our daughter Ava, into second grade after praying to be led to the school the Lord wanted her at - and we can say without a doubt it has been a perfect fit for her.

As the storm approached we did our best to prepare (being desert folk, we sought out guidance and advice) but no amount of sand bags, elevating our valuables, or putting up shutters could have prepared us for the 11 feet of water that ultimately entered our home. The storm swept away our furniture, vehicles, clothing, memories, keepsakes, holiday decorations, you name it. Admittedly, it was pretty traumatic to return home to, but we made the agreement while evacuated in Miami that we were going to remain expectant. We walked by faith and kept our eyes on what God had planned for us. Bottom line, we knew that God didn't bring us to Fort Myers to punish us with this tremendous loss. It has been hard at times to hold fast to staying positive, and we couldn't have done it without the support of the SFCA community.

We didn’t have power or water for almost a month straight. The outpouring of love and generosity from SFCA and the families therein has been nothing short of miraculous. We had meals provided for us when we needed it most, we had help replacing all of Ava’s school supplies and clothes that were claimed by the storm. She said she loved the new provided items even more than her original ones! The storm fell over Ava’s birthday weekend and she didn’t get a party. However, her classmates, newfound friendships, and the entire SFCA family made it so special for her that her “Golden” birthday will be one she always remembers fondly. We have never felt more integrated into a community than SFCA made us feel, especially being so new to Florida and not having any connections. We are thankful every single day that God led us here. He has shown up more during this tragedy than we have ever witnessed in our lives. Thank you SFCA and everyone who is part of this blessed community, we are forever grateful!!!" - Brittany Kearns

The Giardetti Family (middle family photo)

"I recently shared a story with my children regarding their baby years. I told them when they cried, I would come to them with arms open to comfort them, and whisper, 'I am here for you'. No matter how many sleepless nights, loads of laundry, and hours of rocking to sleep, I ensured them I was at their side.

When Hurricane Ian hit our homes on Dolphin Drive in Cape Coral on Sept 28th, just a few hundred meters from the Yacht Club beach, I was moved by the vastness of devastation, but I was not without hope or comfort. As folks from near and far entered our street to deliver food and supplies, I saw the light of Christ shine as they came and went. When family and friends flew from out of town, state, or country, to lend a hand, they were like Angels sent from above, and I could see His light. It was never the devastation that brought tears to my eyes, but the light of Christ and the Holy Spirit working in so many of our friends, family members, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are so very grateful for our SFCA administration and staff who was with us from day one. We are so blessed to be part of this loving and supportive community. If not for Ian, I would not have so many staff I could now call my friends. So many blessings have emerged out of the darkness of devastation, but the light of Christ never made us weary. 'Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.' Matthew 11:28

We know the Lord carried us along these last 2 months, giving us strength to clean up the mud day after day, rocking us to sleep at night, and carefully placing us back on our feet again. He was always with us, open-armed, whispering, 'I am here for you.'” - Mary Giardetti

The Evans Family (right family photo)

"Hurricane Ian came and devastated our neighborhood in Fort Myers. The school and church families have helped pack, clean out and cut-out our wet home, helped with supplies and workers to rebuild our home, & helped entertain my daughter with playdates and sleepovers. A meal train was set up for us the first few weeks. God is good. Thank You!" - Haley Evans